Creative Movement

Alden Dance Academy Creative Movement ClassAges 2-4 Children are introduced to basic concepts of rhythm and movement. They learn listening skills, group socialization, and structure while having fun.



Alden Dance Academy Pre-Ballet ClassAges 5-7 Students begin learning basic ballet terminology and improve coordination. They develop the ability to balance with flexibility and grace.



Students learn proper placement of body elements including feet, hands, and arms. Focus on terminology, choreography in center, and barre work.



For the experienced ballet student. Pointe class is in addition to Ballet class. Selection for Pointe class is determined solely by the Dancemaster.



Alden Dance Academy Creative Movement ClassDancers create percussive sound with their feet while developing an “ear” for the music. Tap teaches rhythm, syncopation, and teamwork to produce synchronized sound.



Alden Dance Academy Jazz ClassStudents experience a wide range of movement and styles of Jazz dancing. It’s high energy, upbeat, and a lot of fun for dancers of all ages.


Scholarship Ballet

Alden Dance Academy Scholarship Ballet ClassAn invitation only class for students who display a focused attitude in their dance studies. The class is structured to inspire, challenge, and to expand their knowledge and love of dance. All levels of Ballet are included to encourage teamwork and mentoring.