“Lana Rowe is an amazing woman. My husband and I witnessed the growth in our daughter, Effie, during the 16 years that she was instructed by Miss Anita and Miss Lana.

Now, we also get to watch the self-confidence and self-discipline that Miss Lana instills in our granddaughter, Anita, in her own third year at Alden Dance Academy; A Five Star dance academy.

With deepest heartfelt gratitude, we thank you. And GOD Bless You.”

Jim and Maureen S.
March 2015


“2 years ago I walked into Alden Dance Academy with zero confidence in myself. I would go straight to the back hoping to go unnoticed. I never had anyone push me so hard and believe in me so much. Thank you Ms. Lana for being the reason I fell in love with dance.”

Melanie H.
Jan. 2015


“Feeling really thankful today for my dance teacher Lana for helping my technique. The last 10 years dancing with you have been really great. I feel I have improved a lot over the years, and hope to become the best I can at dance. Thank you Miss Lana.”

Bellany C.
Feb. 2015


“As I await Serenity’s final dance performance and reminisce the last 10 years she has performed at ADA under your instruction, I’m thankful for all you have taught her as it wasn’t just the art of dance. You have taught her valuable character traits that helped mold her into the young women she is today, and lessons that she will use the rest of her life. You have taught her to always do your best and never give up, hard work, commitment, dedication, courage, and persistence is what you need to achieve your goal. Thank you for doing what you love and molding not only character but beautiful dancers that you genuinely love!!”

Nicole C.
June 2015